Commercial Disaster

Commercial Disaster Restoration Services

If your property or place of business has experienced damage from mold, fire, water, or smoke, it’s important to begin remediation quickly. This will greatly minimize the potential damage and related repair costs.

At ARS, we provide professional disaster restoration and cleaning services for commercial & municipal clients. While we handle many small losses for homeowners, we also have the resources and expertise to handle large commercial losses. From flooded shopping malls to fire-damaged condominium complexes, ARS has the manpower, equipment and experience to deal with any disaster.

Commercial Service Clients:

  • Businesses & Offices
  • Hospitals & Nursing Homes
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Libraries & Municipal Buildings
  • Churches & Community Structures

We can evaluate and respond to any indoor air quality concern for multifamily, public access, institutional, commercial, or industrial buildings.

Regardless of your building’s square footage, purpose, or emergency need, we can provide a timely consultation and an array of timely and effective solutions at the best value for you.

Disaster Restoration & Cleanup

When you are responsible for the functional well-being of a building, you’re also entrusted with the health and continuing comfort of those who occupy it. Knowing that the building is circulating clean, healthy air is just as important as how energy efficient and dependable your system is.

Poor indoor air quality has been conclusively linked to lower work productivity, absenteeism, lost tenants, compliance penalties, lawsuits, and worker’s compensation claims.  These risks and resultant disruption can cultivate well beyond the more obvious heightened utility costs and early equipment failures.

The key to proper building restoration is how quickly you act to remediate the damage. At ARS, we’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long.  We are dedicated to providing you with disaster restoration & cleanup services when you need them most.