Meth Cleanup

Meth Cleanup

Meth Cleanup without proper training and equipment, is very dangerous. At ARS Cleanup, we strongly advise you never try to cleanup a house contaminated with Meth; especially if Meth has been cooked at the location in question. Methamphetamines are extremely dangerous because a home with a Meth Lab can combust at any moment. In addition to being an unsafe environment, Meth labs usually contain “booby traps” in an effort to try to protect the drugs from theft as well.

If you suspect Meth or a Meth Lab, call local law enforcement. Proper authorities trained to remove the equipment needed to cook meth can deem a property safe or unsafe. For this reason, don’t try to clear the property yourself.

After the property has been deemed safe for cleanup, ARS will  begin to decontaminate the affected area. Furthermore, ARS technicians trained for Meth Cleanup and are properly equipped with suits and respirators to protect them from the harmful contaminates. 

For more information regarding the Meth Cleanup process, click the link below to learn more.

Above All, It is critical to hire the best when your health, safety, home, and belongings are in question; for this reason, our technicians are:

  • Background Checked
  • Drug Screened
  • Trained to Industry Standards

We take great pride in ensuring the safety of each customer’s home and family while our crew is working in their home.

Additionally, ARS Cleanup works with all Homeowners and their Insurance Companies to ensure the greatest coverage under their homeowner’s policy. As a result to working with all insurance companies, ARS is a preferred vendors for several Insurance Carriers!

With over 30 years of experience, you’ll know you’re in good hands. Let ARS Cleanup take the headache of a Fire & Smoke Cleanup by getting your home or office put back together. Moreover, ARS Cleanup is Casper’s only Full Service Restoration Company!